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triCOMM GmbH, executive coaching, business coaching, team development, consulting, einzelcoaching, systemisches coaching, teamentwicklung, unternehmensberatung, organisationsberatung, kulturdiagnose, unternehmenskultur, nachhaltigkeit, ganzheitlichkeit, interdisziplinär, ganzheitlich, 

Coaching. Entwicklung. Beratung.

Einzelcoaching, Executive Coaching, Gruppencoaching, Teamentwicklung, Outdoor Activities, Organisationsberatung, Unternehmenskultur, Kulturdiagnose

Holistic. Interdisciplinary. Sustainable.

These three values have accompanied us throughout our professional career. Besides many other values, these three stand out for us. Not because you see these three in your daily work being applied, but because they are sometimes painfully missed. If they are being applied, you often find very high levels of satisfaction, trust, honesty and, ultimately, economic success in such an environment.

Balancing Stones

'Those who only trust their feelings sink too easily into the morass of passions. Those who only pursue their thoughts get lost too easily in the labyrinth of the conceivable. If you manage to bring your heart and brain to a table, you will never leave it hungry or thirsty. Those who fail to reconcile the heart and the brain will always suffer from wrong notes. '

Ernst Ferstl

With triCOMM GmbH we want to set a good example and show how these three values can be implemented in everyday business life. To do this, we need a recurring change of perspective, openness to other opinions, an understanding of the concerns of others and the will to implement long-term solutions. Our efforts are geared exclusively towards a win-win.

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