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Team Development.

Business Consulting.

  • Do you need an assessment of your professional career?

  • Do you have newly taken over a management role and would like to be accompanied in your first management steps?

  • Would you like to extend and deepen your leadership skills?

  • Do you need assistance in resolving and overcoming conflicts (with employees, team challenges, with your supervisor)?

  • Are you concerned about a conversation because the content seems difficult to you?

  • Have you newly taken over a new team and would you like to take this as opportunity to build up and strengthen your team?

  • Do you feel that mutual trust in your team could be improved?

  • Your team has been working together for several years and have over time established some characteristics which make the collaboration less efficient and effective?

  • Our business consulting mandates always start with a corporate culture assessment.

  • The corporate culture needs to be able to support any change in strategy or structure. Otherwise the change will fail.

  • With this approach, we ensure that the change can be holistic, interdisciplinary and that the success of the change can be ensured in the long term.

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