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triCOMM GmbH, executive coaching, business coaching, team development, consulting, einzelcoaching, systemisches coaching, teamentwicklung, unternehmensberatung, organisationsberatung, kulturdiagnose, unternehmenskultur, nachhaltigkeit, ganzheitlichkeit, interdisziplinär, ganzheitlich, 

Coaching. Entwicklung. Beratung.

Einzelcoaching, Executive Coaching, Gruppencoaching, Teamentwicklung, Outdoor Activities, Organisationsberatung, Unternehmenskultur, Kulturdiagnose

Values. History. Team.

Unsere Vision:

'The secret of making progress is to get started by making the first step.'

Mark Twain




The idea for triCOMM GmbH came up a long time ago, more precisely in early 2006 ...

Our 'team' currently consists of a senior coach. If necessary, we bring in additional necessary expertise.

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