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Coaching. Entwicklung. Beratung.

Einzelcoaching, Executive Coaching, Gruppencoaching, Teamentwicklung, Outdoor Activities, Organisationsberatung, Unternehmenskultur, Kulturdiagnose

Experience. Nature. Dynamics.

We offer tailor-made team development workshops to create shared experiences. Through outdoor adventures we enable joint learning and allow the team to feel the dynamics. But we do not leave you alone with what you are going to experience, we accompany you throughout the entire change process.

Experience. Nature. Dynamics.

  • Trust each other blindly.

  • Four hands work faster than two

  • You can only go far as a team

  • Make hidden talents visible.

  • We translate the desired development topics or the corporate context (project, organization, strategy or vision) into tangible actions and experiences.

'If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.'

Henry Ford

Experience. Nature. Dynamics.

  • Nature serves as a field of development in which we can imitate everyday situations in a team under simple conditions.

  • No previous knowledge is required, the focus can be placed specifically on the desired development area.

'You can't know everything, but you have to know how to help yourself.'

Henriette Hanke

Experience. Nature. Dynamics.

  • The sustainability of team development can only be ensured if one also critically examines the team dynamics in the end.

  • Giving each other feedback, reviewing what they have experienced and recording for themselves what you take with them, both positive and negative, is the engine that drives change.

'Great economic success was never achieved by just one person, but always in a well-functioning team.'

Steve Jobs

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