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triCOMM GmbH, executive coaching, business coaching, team development, consulting, einzelcoaching, systemisches coaching, teamentwicklung, unternehmensberatung, organisationsberatung, kulturdiagnose, unternehmenskultur, nachhaltigkeit, ganzheitlichkeit, interdisziplinär, ganzheitlich, 

Coaching. Entwicklung. Beratung.

Einzelcoaching, Executive Coaching, Gruppencoaching, Teamentwicklung, Outdoor Activities, Organisationsberatung, Unternehmenskultur, Kulturdiagnose

Character. Values. Partnership.

Unsere Mission:

'The secret of making progress is to get started by making the first step.'

Mark Twain

With our services we address people and organisations that are characterised by:

  • We want to make use of diversity and differences as inspiration for innovation.

  • We find new more exciting than any known path.

  • We also strive for qualitative, not just quantitative economic success.

  • We are convinced that sustainable success also requires investments in employees and culture.

  • We are aware of our values and try to use them as an inner compass for our decisions.

  • We classify sustainability and holistic nature as important values and strive to align our daily actions accordingly.

  • We are not looking for contractors, we find partners.

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