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triCOMM GmbH, executive coaching, business coaching, team development, consulting, einzelcoaching, systemisches coaching, teamentwicklung, unternehmensberatung, organisationsberatung, kulturdiagnose, unternehmenskultur, nachhaltigkeit, ganzheitlichkeit, interdisziplinär, ganzheitlich, 

Coaching. Entwicklung. Beratung.

Einzelcoaching, Executive Coaching, Gruppencoaching, Teamentwicklung, Outdoor Activities, Organisationsberatung, Unternehmenskultur, Kulturdiagnose

Holistic. Interdisciplinary. Sustainable.

Our team currently consists of a senior coach. If necessary, we bring in additional necessary expertise according to the situation.

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Patrick Tributsch

Ag. 1974, 2 Kids



2011 Master of Advanced Studies in Supervision & Coaching (IAP, ZHAW)

2004 Master of Advanced Studies in Corporate Finance (IFZ, HSL)

1999 Bachelor in Economics (SML, ZHAW)

Professional Experience:

14 years at UBS in various Leadership and Program Manager Roles

6 years at Raiffeisen Switzerland in various Program Manager Roles

2 years at a Customer Contact Center as COO/CFO Switzerland​

Sustainability Enthusiast. Problem Solver. Creative Maverick.

  • Consulting, Coaching and Moderation in change processes, team and cultural development

  • Leadership and Corporate Strategy

  • Digitalisation of products and processes

  • J&S Sport Climbing instructor level II

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